Monday, March 14, 2011

Three Minutes - Changed forever

It was three minutes of waiting. The longest three minutes of my life, and looking back seems as if it all happened in slow motion. At 31 weeks, our son arrived through a very chaotic scene. Once the doctor finally got our son out and started stitching the C-section incisions - it hit me - I didn't hear him crying. This was our second child and with them so close in age, the birth of my daughter was still vivid in my memory (as vivid as highly medicated memories go). I was waiting for the pause - SCREAM from our new baby.

But there was no scream from our little guy. Then the fear rose and angst started as I asked Huntlee, "Why don't I hear him? Why isn't he crying?" over and over. Huntlee said he didn't know, but he then began to just pray over us. The first minute I continued to ask, but then it tapered off as I just listened to Huntlee praying. Words like.. trust, protection, and help, swirled in my mind. It was then I realized, in life I had one gamble and I had to put all my "chips" (trust, faith, and praise) with God. There was nothing Huntlee could say or do, but only both of us clinging to our King. Over three minutes later, we were told he was on the ventilator and our journey began.

Our lives were forever changed in those three minutes. I encourage you to set the timer and sit in silence for three minutes, as we recently did as a family to remind us. It feels long, but the reality that everything I hold dear can be stripped away in an instant, has stayed close to me. I hope it stays forever.

By His grace alone, our son was saved. We aren't deserving of the gift we received (so much like our salvation), so we can only hope our lives reflect our thankful hearts. Our hearts break for the many families who have lost their precious angels, and I can only think God couldn't wait to show those precious little ones what perfection looked liked, and He called them home to be with Him in heaven. We support March of Dimes in hopes that one day... all babies will be born healthy. We put our hope in Christ, but pray that God uses March of Dimes organization to bring glory to His name. You can join our team and supporting the March of Dimes organization here:

With Love,
Huntlee, Patti, Avery & Grant

Let all that I am wait quietly before God for my hope is in Him. Psalm 62:5

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