Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Joy in Chores

I know some of you think I am crazy for the excitement of chores and cooking. But I find it’s in those little tasks, I am reminded of the overflow of blessing I received from our King... all so undeserving. I am able to dust a house, yet there are many who have never lived with a roof over their heads. I can cook and feed my family, yet there are people in our own community who have gone days without food. My home is filled with laughter and joy most days, and yet there are some (within my own circle) grief stricken and filled with sorrow. As I approach the Throne, it’s with a thankful, totally undeserving, and overwhelmed heart! For me, those tasks aren’t chores or burdens, but reminders of the love of God! I don’t want to be away from those reminders which help me see His kingdom more clearly.

1 comment:

  1. thanks for reminding me...I confess many times I see these things as work or things that HAVE to get done, rather than blessings and reminders of the love of God...thank you Lord for reminding me