Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tree of Hope

God uses the symbol of the tree throughout the bible, showing the importance of depth in our faith for the trials we will face. The Live Oak has been one of my favorite trees for many years because of its natural beauty. It grows into a beautiful and majestic tree, towering with outstretched branches. Recently when I researched them I found a deeper appreciation of God's creation. Its so symbolic of our walk with Christ and paints a beautiful picture for me...

Live Oaks are evergreen trees; known for their ability to withstand periods of drought and dire conditions. It remains green during winter conditions, when other oaks grow dormant; which is how it derives its name. It grows tall and strong; and at maturity is able offer comfort and shelter to the things surrounding it.

While facing struggles, I pray that my faith and trust in God can reflect that of the Live Oak...

  • My roots of faith grow deeply in Christ
  • My arms branch out to embrace and love deeply
  • My life provides shelter and comfort to those around you

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD,
whose trust is the LORD.
He is like a tree planted by water,
that sends out its roots by the stream,
and does not fear when heat comes,
for its leaves remain green,
and is not anxious in the year of drought,
for it does not cease to bear fruit.
Jeremiah 17:7-8”

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  1. God must be drilling this scripture into my heart as I was meditating on it last night, Patti!! thanks for this post!